The Eco Coffee Company

Has planted a total 451 trees through Sustainably Run

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The Eco Coffee Company is a Sustainably Run partner! This means that they are actively working to plant life changing fruit trees in the developing world!

Each fruit tree provides food, education, income and infrastructure to families in the developing world. Fruit from the trees can be eaten, and surplus fruit can be sold at market - meaning families can afford to send their children to school!

This page demonstrates some of the fantastic work The Eco Coffee Company are doing to have a positive impact on the planet and communities.

The Eco Coffee Company have planted:


The Eco Coffee Company - A Sustainably Run Company

Not only do we plant a tree for every meeting we have, we also plant a tree for every 10kg of Eco Coffee™ we sell, every 4 cases of The Green Cup™ we sell and also every 4 cases of EcoWater™ that we sell.

Thank you for joining us in helping make this earth more sustainable.

The Eco Coffee Company - A Sustainably Run Company

A little about Sustainably Run

We help turn day to day business activities into a force for good through planting life changing fruit trees.

Utilising beautifully simple tech we help individuals and organisation offset the carbon footprint of their activities and turn these into food, income and education in the developing world.

A little about our tech

Our simple tech tools take minutes to set up but make a lasting difference to the planet and a lasting impression with your customers.

Each software is free to use, requires no long term commitment and we’ll even plant your first trees for free when you sign up.

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